Now that you are ready to Phenomenally start-up.


First things first; understand that every business is not for you and you are as peculiar as your business. Your business is a brand and your personality should define your business. Your personality will go a long way to affect the overall success of your business. And this cannot be said enough. When we have gone past that, we progress to how we can start it up, phenomenally. dancing-banana


They say a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes. Nothing is more wasteful than the process of “waiting” for everything to be perfect. Start-ups and lack of capital or resources excuses have long broken up. Those two do not go side by side anymore. People have started online retail business with pictures from Google and all they needed was a phone and internet, probably a couple of social media accounts, which is totally free. BUT should you want to marry those two together, there are tons of ways to raise funds.

Cut expenses. Live on a lower budget for a while. Create a profitable business plan (I might make a post about this in the nearest future.) And hand the plan to someone who has the prospect of helping. Remember, not everyone with a million dollars has the prospect of helping you. Angel investors still exist. Now that is out of the way, I believe.


You do not want to lose your business due to carelessness. Go forth and register the business. Trademark your products and services. Legalize it. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized. No much talk is needed here.


Nothing kills a business or any fat purse more than extravaganza. Cut your expenses according to only the important stuffs. If your business doesn’t need an office yet. Keep the money. The your business doesn’t need an iPhone 7 plus, sweetheart, do not make that purchase. If you must buy something or spend the money, search for the most affordable, do a price comparison and if it costs too much and your business can still survive a little longer without it, save up. Do not put your accounts in red because of a purchase. Unless it’s a red dress or lingerie, you do not want to be in red. Okay maybe a red pump or a red car. Otherwise, do not be in red.


I know I say this a little too often, but this can truly not be too talked about. If your business will be successful, it is because your base, your clientele, your community or your network is growing. And like pretty much everything else in life, for your business to grow,you need to consistently feed it. This is the most important thing for your business. Your startup capital (be it money or time ) depends on it. You simply cannot be phenomenal without your community. Show sincere care for your clients. Keep the quality ever improving, collect referrals, keep in touch, be consistent, be unforgettable, be phenomenal!

Get out there, google, real life. Whatever , just get out there. Tell people about your business with a smile on your face. I have talked about doing “free” jobs in a gathering with fellow business women before and I will say it here again. I do not advice you begin to run a charity, but for clients you believe will be of benefit for your business, maybe through referrals or otherwise, you can bend over and do free jobs. Doing it free doesn’t mean reducing quality or showing less concern. Handle them like they paid a million for it. If they have a larger audience, guess what? Your audience just increased too. They will put word out there for you and you will see that there he small box you would have charged them wouldn’t have done much good.

Dress up and go out. If you introduce your business looking like a bag of money, you will appeal to people. I like to cross examine everything that could easily be misunderstood, I do not mean, spend your business money on “looking good” but if you have only tacky looking clothes, you need to change something. In 2017 people are still addressed how they dress.


Definately not the magazine silly! Just like you keep up with fashion trends, politics (if you’re not anything like me) and errm with the Kardashians. Keep up with the upgrades in your business environment and industry. Do not hear about something that came to be five thousand years ago just today by accident, no do not be a bad child.

Someone once said, information is wealth. And I believe him.

Get information, keep it, use it, improve it. Be phenomenal.


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