Law abiding phenomenal citizen..


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Someone is probably thinking “what the hell is this post going to be about? ” Many times we feel like people do not need to reiterate the stuffs we already know, but the truth is, we are afraid of being reminded of the things we aren’t doing right. But it’s okay, we are after all only human, and it’s okay if we don’t get it right all the time. Today, like every other post day, the post is as it seems.

Breaking the rules come with some serious consequences that out weighs the reason for the violation in the first place. There is a sign on the military post I love so much and it insinuates something like this (I’m not exactly sure the exact words now) “late for formation? Your squad leader already knows, slow down, loosing your license isnt going to make it better” (someone correct me please) but till then, the point of the post is;  You’re late. Your sergeant knows, you’re going to get that counselling anyway, you do not want to double the trouble having them seize up your licence, and getting in more trouble.

It’s the same with life, sometimes, the temporary situation is not enough to cause Long lasting problems, if one week or one year from now it won’t count, then it’s probably not that important. I saw this movie “Hidden figures” and in a scene where Mrs Jackson was trying to get approval from the judge to attend class in an all white school to study an all male course, it seemed stupid to me. She’s doing well with her job, and she wants to ruin it by being rebelous? I feared she could ruin everything for herself, but she was there prepared and  she said to the judge a line that struck me like lightening, “of all the cases you have judged today, which one is Going to matter to the world in 10 years, which one is going to make you first?”

We might not have the perfect line to get us out of that messy situation, and if like the character, we have a solid reason to fight, we should by all means do fight, but let’s not waste valuable lifetime trying to make a solid argument for driving under influence or caught doing something silly or detrimental.

I for one believe that a life full of possibilities and opportunities is only valuable as long as that life is lived in freedom. It might not make a lot sense, but it will, eventually.

I know a few people that have lost their lives due to someone’s minute of careless abandon. Like the character in my movie sitation argued, if it won’t be as important in the years to come, do not make that drastic crazy move and jeopardize everything.

As long as you’re out there, breathing, free, there is so much opportunity that lays awaiting, much more than you could imagine. Be a law abiding phenomenal citizen.


Till next time,

Stay phenomenal.

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