Making great use of your time.

The bad news is time flies and the good news is you’re the pilot.

The effective use of our time cannot be over emphasized.

If you’re anything like me, you might tell yourself you will not engage in unproductive discussions and activities, but you spend valuable time on Instagram giphy-1

So you are caught doing exactly what you said you wouldn’t and that’s valuable time going to waste.

Personally I am guilty of wasting valuable time on social media, just lurking around till I am 5years down on someone’s anty’s ex boyfriend baby mama’s page. Social media relaxation time is good if its not all day 9 to 5 affair. There is so much going on around us and i bet a bunch of people we could have real communication with. Sometimes i dont realize how much time I am spending on my phone until someone mentions it. Then I realize I wasted time that I could never get back on doing something that will always be there. And  I found that the one great solution to this problem (works for me) is getting more passionate about your business (or a new project). No matter how stable you may feel your business or project is, there is always room for improvement. The apps on our phones get what? Bi-monthly upgrades available? And sometimes I wonder, what could they possibly want to update to? And finally when i see the upgrades, i realize that there is always something and most importantly, there’s some one or some people behind it.

Once you are more passion driven about improving your business or lifestyle, interacting with your clients or relations and setting long and short terms goals. This will not only cause you to spend more time on things that will help you but it will also create a burning love -ish feeling in your heart. You will have time for the irrelevant stuffs, but only to take a break from all the work. If the people that make those upgrades spent all their time enjoying the apps, I bet we would all be bored and worn out that those apps wouldn’t mean as much.

I know that like every other bad habit, cutting off time spent on social media dies hard, but we have nothing to lose giving it a try. So we are going to try a challenge. I am not a psychologist or the sort, but I have always believed we can fix anything if we make up our minds to. They don’t call us phenomenal for nothing. *winks*

There is a one week less-social media and more time productivity challenge. Lets call it the #lscmtp

If you find yourself wondering on social media, use # or key words depends on the social media platform you’re on and find an account of someone you think you might be like, someone you can learn something from, Oprah, Steve Harvey, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and whoever rocks your boat. Stalk these people and learn a few. From their bio, to page consistency and pattern( if they have any) their expressions and interactions as the case maybe. Now, you’re spending time on the platform you love, but learning from it, gaining and possibly growing from it. Be sure to make a list of the things you learned and the owners of the page.

We will all learn and grow with our weaknesses.

Lets start the challenge.




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